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Our Privacy Policy

This policy describes how JPW Accounting will inform you of its policies and procedures when it comes to collecting and storing your information. By using these accounting services, you agree to the use of and collection of your information.

We Value Your Privacy 

Your absolute trust in us is something we value here at JPW Accounting. As a small accounting business, we adhere to the highest degree of professionalism and ethical responsibility. Your information and anything you disclose will be confidential and protected. We adhere to these professional standards for our business partners as well. 

The Type of Information We Collect

In order to guide you during tax preparation & planning, the sale of your assets, social security, financial statements, or any other services we must collect personal data. We start this collection from the first consultation to any phone calls, emails, tax preparation sheets, or documents used for your tax returns.

This personal information could include: your name, date of birth, address, social security number, financial statements, or any other tax and financial document related to you.

Any information we receive from you or is requested via phone call or email is also collected. This includes everything you send us, from any messages, and emails, to our responses back to you.

The People We Share This Information With

In some cases, we may share your personal information with our associates in order for them to contact and help you. Under no circumstances do we share personal information with any third parties we are not affiliated with, without your immediate consent unless of course it is strictly permitted by law.

We must adhere to the law when the disclosure of your information is necessary under some circumstances. This includes sharing your information to protect you against fraud or avoid credit risk. 

Protecting & Securing Your Information

Securing and protecting your information is our priority. We have set electronic, physical, and standard safety precautions to protect all of your personal data. We also monitor the access of personal information to employees who require it in order to effectively help you. Our staff adheres to our business’s privacy policy and will be penalized for any violations of these policies. If you are inactive or you no longer wish to continue with these services, we will still adhere to and protect your personal information.

A Member of the National Association of Tax Professionals

I will stay up to date on all the State and Federal laws that apply to my field of accounting.

I will uphold these laws for the protection of my clients.

I will determine every need of each and every individual client.

I will regard the client's right to privacy and confidentiality.

I will follow all the Standards of Professional Conduct.

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