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Withholding Reviews

Make sure you're on track for the 2023 tax season!

Did you get a nasty surprise in your 2022 return?
Don't let it happen again!

A LOT of people ended up having to pay taxes instead of getting a refund with their 2022 returns.

What happened??

Multiple changes in the tax code created a LOT of confusion. Even your HR department might not know what your total tax bill will be - because things keep changing. You can't rely on the way you've always done things, so what should you do?

Well, it all depends on your situation.

You might have W-2 income, 1099 income, business income, retirement income, capital gains... each person's tax liability is different. But don't worry...

I'm here to help!

Let's talk about how you can plan now to avoid paying extra in April. We'll review your income and expenses and calculate how much you should be withholding each month to "break even" or ensure a refund, if that's what you want. Since the tax codes are STILL changing, I highly recommend booking two consultations - one now and and one in the fall, to make sure you're on track. That's why I'm offering a discount if you buy two sessions at once. 

Schedule a withholding review session today!

One consultation: $45   Two consultation meetings: $80

Result: peace of mind!

Why Choose JPW Accounting?


Taxes can be a hassle; we have trained & knowledgeable experts to help you manage it stress-free! 


Not only do we strive to be efficient, but each document is reviewed thoroughly to reduce any inaccuracies. 

Save Time & Money

We save you time & money you'd normally spend on your business. 

Cost of Services

For an accurate cost range, please give me a call at 802-537-4021. To make it easier, I have linked my calendar below. 

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